Sasha Vasilyuk

Cultural journalist 

Words are a powerful thing. As a professional writer, I've harnessed that power to take me abroad, help my family, get into places I'm not supposed to be and receive hours of   psychotherapy. In the process, I was lucky to inform and entertain a lot of strangers.

So far, writing has led me to discover fascinating places - from sandy Uruguayan villages to one of the fanciest bathrooms in Moscow. It also introduced me to a variety of interesting characters: police chiefs, kite-flying champions, corrupt mayors, circus trainers, skinny chefs.

After years of penning articles, I am now trying my hand at long form. The memoir I am currently working on chronicles my transformative year of traveling alone around the world. Writing the book is helping me dig deeper into my experience and I hope that one day it will entertain and inspire others.